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Tim Drake

Since Tim could crawl he has had his hands in the dirt and his focus on nature. Tim has studied with some of the leading teachers of both Wilderness Survival Skills and Nature Awareness and Community Building including Tom Brown Jr., Jon Young, Mark Morey and Ricardo Sierra at schools such as The Tracker School, The institute for natural learning and The Wilderness Awareness School. Tim's passion for learning is surpassed only by his love of sharing these skills with others. Currently Tim Drake is the Co-Director of Primitive Pursuits in Ithaca N.Y. and serves as a Lecturer for the Environmental Studies Department at Ithaca College co-teaching a foundation class he designed with Jed Jordan and Jason Hamilton. Balancing the administrative roles of directorship with field instruction Tim can be found teaching the Wilderness Skills Instructor Certification in Ithaca NY or in the cyber world teaching Winter Survival Shelters in an instructional DVD series with Survival Works.